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Dear anglers from austria,

the shipping to austria is currently only possible via LogoiX shipping service.


You will receive a German shipping address from LogoiX (this address is free of charge).

LogoiX organizes the further transport to Austria for you (chargeable, e.g. 7,70 € for parcels up to 2 kg, 8,74 € up to 5 kg). A pickup at the shipping address is also possible.

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You want a complete overview of our colors and models? Check out our catalog! (Only written in german)

The color MM 2 - Explained by Max Scheffler / Spring 2022

Another time a special color has been created for you during the closed season - the color MM 2!!!

Hel Shad - No-action bait!

The Hel-Shad has come a long way. It was created in 2018 and after almost 3 1/2 years it has made it into our assortment. For us as shore anglers it is mainly used as a "no-action shad" for jigging. However, its absolute strength lies in the vertical / pelagic use!

The color MM 1 - Explained by Max Scheffler / Spring 2021

We used the closed season and designed a very special color for you - the color MM 1. Why, why and why this color works so well on pike explains Max in this great video.

Portrait - Dag Shad

Development - Design - Movement

We tell you how this lure was developed and what makes it special. Handmade by Revolution Tackle.

Dag Shad in action

Nico Wandelt from Jerkbait TV has filmed our Dag Shad 21 cm in the color Orange Brownie on the PikeCraft-System under water.

Channa Tail in action

Underwater shots of the Channa Tail taken by Nico Wandelt from Jerkbait TV.